Clogged Screens


Inline Filters

Solution #1: In-line Filter

Standard 10″ Filter Housings

  • Clear filter housing with ¾” stainless steel threaded inserts
  • Complete in carton with a service wrench and bracket
  • Installed with a custom shut-off or by-pass using ball valves
in-line filter

“Big Blue” Filter Housings

  • Large capacity housing suitable for high flow applications
  • Filter wrench and bracket included with installation
  • Available in 10” and 20” lengths for ¾” or 1” plumbing
in-line filter

Solution #2: Backwashing Particulate Filter

Gold Series Particulate Filter

  • To remove fine sediment, mica, and clay
  • For applications where a filter cartridge gets plugged up quickly
  • Efficiently removes suspended solids and turbidity particles

The filter media has surface micro-mineral projections with .25 to 10 μm spacing and irregular surfaces that physically trap the suspended solids and fine turbidity particles. The filter granules also remove a wide range of colloidal and soluble, inorganic metallic contaminants by surface sorption, chemical-binding, charge-neutralization, coagulation reactions, and/or ion-exchange. The Gold Series Particulate Filter provides a superior filtration rating of 5 to 40 microns, and for best results is used in conjunction with a standard in-line filter or Big Blue® filter. This approach is used in situations when a cartridge filter alone does not resolve the sediment issue and a backwashing filter is needed to tackle a more challenging particulate material problem.

Problem: Sediment

Sediment is made up of naturally occurring particles that develop as earth materials in the well break down through weathering and erosion consisting of sand, rocks, and minerals. Sediment is a normal by-product of the drilling process, so it is common with newly drilled wells. Older wells or wells drilled in loose bedrock may have sediment accumulate at the bottom of the well, which then gets pumped into the house and plumbing system. It may fluctuate seasonally and be more prevalent after heavy rains or nearby soil disturbances. Sediment may appear as cloudiness in the water, which is measured by turbidity. Turbidity is not usually noticeable until it reaches a level of 5 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidty Units). Sediment is most often detected as it settles to the bottom of containers, accumulates in toilet tanks and bowls, and leaves a sandy residue in bathtubs. An increase in sediment (> 1 NTU) may escalate the risk of bacteria and other microbial contaminants of entering the water by attaching to the sediment particles. Sediment can cause wear and tear to the plumbing, pumps, and appliances. Plus, sand tends to clog screens reducing the flow of water to faucets, shower heads, and washing machines. An in-line cartridge filter typically resolves most sediment problems. A particulate removal filter may be needed for more stubborn silt or clay situations.

Symptom: Clogged Screens

Clogged screens in faucets, shower heads, and washing machines reduce water flow and efficiency, and oftentimes lead to an increase in repair service calls.

Sediment in tubs and sinks may remain after water use. This leads to extra cleaning.

Sand in toilet reservoirs or bowls may accumulate and may cause problems with plugging the internal mechanism of the toilet, which leads to a running toilet, wasted water, and repair bills.

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