Hard Water

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Scaly Buildup

water softener


Water Softener

Solution: Water Softener

Advantages of Soft Water

  • Protects Pipes
  • Protects Faucets
  • Protects Appliances (Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, etc.)
  • Eliminates Stains and Soap Scum
  • Saves Money on: Soaps, Detergents, Hot Water, and Energy
  • No Soap Build-up On: Clothes, Hair, and Skin
water softener

Hydro-Pure Water Softeners

water softener

Hard water is softened by removing the calcium and magnesium it contains. When hard water passes through the softening system’s resin bed, it exchanges the hard ions in the water for soft ones, so only softened water passes through to your home.

A Water Softener will remove the minerals that cause hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, to eliminate the hard water problem. The water is filtered through a filter tank containing a softening medium called resin. The resin is cleaned and recharged with a brine solution in a process called “regeneration”, which involves a second tank, or brine tank.

We recommend that a water softener be serviced once a year, or more frequently as needed, to maintain optimal performance and to ensure longer life of the equipment.

Problem: Hard Water

water softener

Often times the telltale signs of hard water are mistaken and people blame the problems on inadequate cleaners and detergents and poor performing appliances. Dry skin and hair, bathtub rings, spots on glass and silverware, dull, dingy clothing, disappointing performance and a shortened life span of water-using appliances are all problems frequently caused by hard water. Most do not realize how much time, money and energy is spent fighting the hard water battle.

Symptom: Scaly Buildup

Noticeable film residue
Noticeable films on bathtubs, showers, and even on skin. The film results in the need for additional scrubbing and scouring of fixtures, causes hair to be dull and limp, and can also cause dry skin.

Inefficient water heating
Minerals can precipitate and form a scale when hard water is heated. In addition to forming a build-up, mineral deposits may create an insulating barrier between the heating element and the water to be heated, thus increasing water heating costs.

Reduced effectiveness of soaps
Hard water can cause a visible reduction in the sudsing action of soaps, thus impacting the cleaning efficiency of soaps and detergents.

Faded clothes
The life of clothing and fabrics are severely reduced due to contact with the abrasive soapy residues that occur with hard water.

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