Low PH


Stains & Leaks


Acid Neutralization

Solution: #1 Acid Neutralizer

Gold Series Acid Neutralizer

Advantages of an Acid Neutralizer

  • Protects Pipes
  • Protects Appliances (Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, etc.)
  • Eliminates Blue Green Stains Due to Corrosion
  • Prevents Leaks (and related damage)
  • Saves Money on Plumbing Repairs
  • Better Tasting Water

An Act Of Aggression
A new pipe is shown next to an old corroded pipe to compare the deteriorating effects caused by aggressive, acidic water.

An Acid Neutralizer will raise the pH of the water as it filters through a tank containing a neutralizing media. We use a Calcite/Corosex® mixture, which raises the pH naturally as the water passes through it.  We suggest this chemical-free option for applications where the pH levels are between 6.0-6.9.

This system is virtually maintenance free for the homeowner. However, as the material is consumed during filtration process, it will need to be replenished periodically. We recommend that the acid neutralizer be serviced once a year to maintain optimal water quality and to ensure longer life of the equipment.

    Solution: #2 Soda Ash Chemical Feed System

    Soda Ash Chemical Feed System

    Material: Sodium Carbonate

    The material used in the chemical tank is sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), or “soda ash”, which raises the pH of the water. Soda ash is typically used to treat water with a very low pH.

    This system requires a little more maintenance than an acid neutralizer, as soda ash needs to be added to the chemical tank periodically.

    Problem: Low pH, Acidic Water

    The acidity or alkalinity of water is measured by its potential of hydrogen, commonly called “pH”. The pH scale ranges from 1.0 (very acidic) to 14.0 (very alkaline), with 7.0 being neutral. Acidic water has a pH of less than 7.0; usually ranging from 5.9 to 6.9 pH, however we have tested and treated water with pH’s as low as in the 4 range. Acidic water is not considered to be criteria for rejecting water as potable, however, a low pH will most likely cause problems with plumbing and result in staining. Low pH can cause the leaching of metals (i.e. copper and lead) from the plumbing. Often times the presence of lead in a water sample is due to the low pH of the water, causing the lead to be leached from old plumbing and/or solder containing lead.

    Acidic water is characterized by the appearance of blue or green stains in showers, tubs, and sinks. The blue or green color is caused by copper being leached from the pipes and adhering to fixtures. Over time, a low pH will corrode plumbing and fixtures, which will result in leaks and costly plumbing repairs. Acidic water can also have a bitter taste and some people complain of itchy skin and/or dry hair when the water has a low pH.

    Symptom: Stains & Leaks

    Corroded plumbing and fixtures
    Acidic water can “eat away” at copper plumbing, fixtures and faucets leaving noticeable signs of corrosion. This picture shows corrosion at the tee and fittings at a well tank.

    Leaking pipes and/or faucets are often caused by the corrosive action of acidic water. Faucets will often leak from the bottom of the handle or the base of the fixture due to corrosion as seen in the following pictures.

    Altered hair color
    Altered hair color is an indication of either iron or manganese in the water or a low ph. The most common complaint is for blonde hair to turn orange from iron or take on a blue or green tinge due to a low ph. Hair can also look dull and lifeless due to hard water and the build-up of hair products that are unable to rinse out with hard water.

    Blue/green stains
    Blue or green stains found within showers, tubs, sinks and other fixtures are caused by acidic water leaching copper from the pipes and can be detected by a low ph. This type of staining is most commonly seen around the drain in a shower or tub.

    Poor tasting water
    A metallic taste is associated with the presence of minerals such as iron and manganese. Water with a low ph can have a bitter taste. Other factors, such as hydrogen sulfide and iron bacteria, will adversely affect taste.

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