Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! Hydro-pure accepts all major credit cards:  Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Can I pay my bill on-line? 
We can email you an invoice with a secure payment link.  Call or email us for more information.



Do you provide water treatment services in Connecticut?
Hydro-pure services all of eastern Connecticut, including Windham, Middlesex, Hartford, New London, and Tolland Counties and the Shoreline area from Old Saybrook to Stonington.  Call or email us today to schedule an appointment!

When should I have my water treatment system serviced?
Hydro-pure recommends servicing your water treatment equipment once a year to ensure optimal performance.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949 or email us at info@hydro-pure.com to schedule a service appointment!

Are you able to perform a state certified water test?
Hydro-Pure is not a lab and therefore we are unable to administer a state certified water test.  However, we may act as a third party and collect a sample and deliver it to a state certified lab where a test can be performed.

Does Hydro-Pure deliver salt?
Yes!  We deliver salt to customers in our local, Eastern Connecticut service area.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949 to schedule a delivery!

Does Hydro-Pure sell filters?
Yes!  We stock the most common sizes and types of sediment and carbon filters for standard size and “Big Blue” filter housings.  We also carry filters and membranes for reverse osmosis units.  If we do not stock it, we can usually get it from our local suppliers.  We also offer special pricing on case purchases.  Call us to today at (860) 537-1949 to order your filters!

Does Hydro-Pure sell ultra-violet light lamps?
Yes!  We stock the most common types of ultra-violet (UV) light lamps.  If we do not stock it, we can usually get it from our local supplier.  We also offer the service of replacing the bulb for you.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949 to order a lamp for your UV unit!

Does Hydro-Pure service equipment installed by other companies?
Yes!  Hydro-Pure can service and repair most equipment installed by other providers.  However, there are some water treatment companies that install proprietary equipment that we are unable to service and we do not have access to parts for repairs.  If we are unable to work on an existing system or the equipment is deemed to be in a condition “beyond repair”, Hydro-Pure is able to offer a recommendation for a new water treatment system.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949 or email us at info@hydro-pure.com to schedule an appointment!

What causes the odor in my water?
An odor in water is most commonly caused by minerals such as iron and/or manganese, iron/manganese bacteria, or hydrogen sulfide gas.  An evaluation by a Hydro-Pure technician will help determine the cause of the odor and the best solution for your water conditions.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949 or email us at info@hydro-pure.com to schedule an appointment!



Does Hydro-Pure replace well pumps?
Yes!  Hydro-Pure replaces submersible well pumps.  If you have “no water” or if the pump is more than 15 years old, it may be time to replace the well pump.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949!

Does Hydro-Pure replace well tanks?
Yes!  Hydro-Pure offers and installs a full line of Flexcon Well-Rite Tanks.  (see brochure for details.)  If you are experiencing low water pressure, notice that the well pump cycles more frequently, or know that the well tank is more than 10 years old, then it may be time to replace the well tank.  Call us today at (860) 537-1949!

What brand of water treatment equipment does Hydro-Pure install?
At Hydro-Pure we custom build every system that we install using only the highest quality components obtained at the best prices we can find. We are an independent dealer and do not operate under the umbrella of a franchise. See the literature provided on our water treatment systems pages.






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