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Well Cap Replacement

Buying or selling a house? Have Hydro-Pure inspect the well cap prior to the real estate transaction.
According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, a sanitary sealed well cap should be used to cover the well head.  This type of cover has a watertight, rubber seal to prevent insects and debris from entering the well.  If the well does not have this sealed type of cover, like the silver one in the “before” picture, then it should be replaced.  For more information refer to the Private Well Water Systems in Connecticut:  Best Management Practice Checklist

well water

Well Cap = Unsealed

well water

Well Cap = Properly Sealed

well water

Well Cap Replacement

Well Chlorination

Bacteria detected in your well water? Water tested positive for Coliform bacteria? Hydro-Pure suggests chlorinating a drilled well with an exposed, sealed well cap to treat for the bacteria. Chlorine is introduced into the well in order to sanitize the water and lines in the house. Once the chlorine is completely flushed out, then a Hydro-Pure technician can return to collect a water sample to be re-tested for Coliform bacteria at a state certified laboratory.

Well cap NOT properly sealed? Hydro-Pure can replace the well cap, as long as the well casing extends above-grade. For dug wells and buried wells, we recommend installing an ultra-violet light unit. Extending the well casing may be another option for buried wells or for well casings that do not extend far enough above grade.

Well Inspection

Buying a new home with a well?  Have the water system inspected prior to purchasing it.  A Hydro-Pure well inspection consists of:

well water
  • Flow test
  • Well tank inspection
  • Water treatment system inspection
  • Well cap inspection
  • Water sample collection
  • Report with findings and recommendations




  • Salt—Morton Clean & Protect
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Reverse Osmosis Cartridges & Membranes
  • UV Lamps
  • Soda Ash (sodium carbonate)
  • Pot Ash (potassium carbonate)
  • Potassium permanganate
  • ResCare
  • Rust Out cleaner
  • And more!
well water products
well water products
well water products
well water products
well water products
well water products
well water products

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